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Thursday, March 03, 2005  

The Lesser Knife

...a tale of the continuing inability to think highly of oneself....

Busy young mother finally finds time to make a sandwich for herself, not just because she's hungry, but because it's important to keep up the calorie intake in order to ensure adequate milk supply for the infant. Now even the basic act of eating can be justified in terms of another's need, not her own.
She opens the newly installed, very expensive, unbangable, German cutlery drawer, with numerous compartments containing the recently opened wedding cutlery. Targeting the knife section, amongst the weighty, elegant, perfect dozen dinner knives, there lies a lesser knife. It's a skinny, lightweight, little affair. Shorter, thinner, and slightly dented. A stainless steel version of herself perhaps? How it managed to infiltrate its way into such quality is a mystery. A left over from the builders no doubt. Not worth anything, even to the humble plasterer or tiler. But there it is. Lying meekly, trying not to be noticed and thus sticking out like the proverbial thumb. Do I cast it out, condemning it for sullying the newness and perfection of my pristine kitchen? No. The woman with no sense of entitlement goes straight for it, saying to herself, "Sure, I'm here by myself, there's no need for me to using a good knife (even tho' there are twelve). I'll just use this lesser knife. Won't it do me grand?"

Picking it up and aiming it at the butter, I realise what I've just done. But reminding myself of Sue Ellen as she'd sit at the bar and order that vodka, I use it anyway as the other voice screams in my head "What are you doing? Use the good knife!!!" But I can't. I butter my bread with the lesser knife.

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I think with this post you have achieved the sensibility of a modern-day Flann O'Brian.
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