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Wednesday, January 29, 2003  

Anti-War Rant

I've been holding back , but no longer. There are so many themes one can explore in relation to Iraq, the Middle East, the US, and that creep/idiot Bush: but here are some thoughts for today. Al Quaeda is a movement originating in Saudia Arabia. Saudia Arabia is an absolute monarchy which has no respect for human rights - check out chop-chop square any day and you'll know what I mean. Osama bin Laden is Saudi Arabian. He became disaffected from that country because it is a client state of the US. That means that the US pours billions of dollars a year into that country to keep it on their side - democracy or no democracy; human rights or no human rights. Al Quaeda supports a fundamentalist Islamic state. (ref: Afghanistan...)

Iraq is a secular state. Saddam hates the fundamentalist states. He suppressed Al Quaeda and threw them out of the country. This was a fact acknowledged by Blair/Bush until a few weeks ago when they very slyly started adding 'terrorism' into their Iraq centred rhetoric. SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11.

So what has he done? Brutally suppressed his own people with chemical weapons SOLD to him by the US! Fought Iran supported by the US! Put into power by the US! He invaded Kuwait (another absolute monarchy) and was punished for it - by a UN led mission. In fact the US could easily have dismantled his regime then but chose not to because they very cynically thought that a weak Saddam was better than SHOCK HORROR a new unknown leader elected by the Iraqis.

The only reason this new crisis has been manufactured by the US is because they have copped on to the fact that their ally Saudi Arabia is a breeding ground for terrorists (see above) and want to replace it as its Arab base in the Middle East.

Anyone who blindly believes the absolute rubbish sold to them by George's Daddy's mates from the 80's seriously needs to do more research. They are not even pretending any more to obey international law. Don't you just love that line about how Cheney's former employers Haliburton will 'keep in trust' the oil wells for the Iraqi people. Imperialism is so last century.

I have to laugh at American references to the US being a sovereign state that can decide its own foreign policy. The countries it decides to invade are sovereign states as well. Protecting sovereign states from invasion was the reason the UN was set up in the first place. That's why they agreed to go to war over Kuwait. That's why they don't like the US claiming the right to invade who ever they wish. US self-interest does not count as a legitimate reason to invade a sovereign state. I'm sure Hitler claimed he invaded Poland and Belguim in Germany's interests. Pity the poor American people who are fed all this rubbish from the self-censoring media organisations in the US.

I can understand that they've been conned into believing all this war crap: but Blair what on earth are you doing?

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