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Tuesday, January 28, 2003  

The Spire of Dublin

I'm in favour of the Spire. This might seem in conflict with my recent left wing tendencies but I believe that a capital should have decent monuments and the Spire is certainly magnificent. It is best viewed (imho) from Henry St in the afternoon. The sun hits off the metal and the effect is quite spectacular. It is REALLY tall but impressively rather than ignorantly.

Now the Dublin Corporation must continue its work on O'Connell St. They did a great job with the Ha'penny and Millenium Bridges as well as the boardwalk. The next priority should be to sort out the board of the Abbey Theatre and get them into the old Carlton site. It is the obvious place for them to go and I would love to know what messing and politicking is going on that keeps them in that crappy site off Abbey Street. It is difficult to access and there is nowhere to go for a drink before or after the shows. Moving the theatre to O'Connell Street is the right thing to do because
- our 'main street' should have important buildings on it
- it would give people a reason to go to O'Connell Street (apart from the Savoy cinema)
- it might encourage the opening of a decent restaurant in or around O'Connell Street and dilute the fast food joint domination
- the Carlton is a great building and would be really suitable as a theatre
- it would help improve the atmosphere on O'Connell St and get the commercial sector more enthusiastic about the rejuvenation project.

Come on Minister, its obvious!

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