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Tuesday, February 11, 2003  

Coronation Street

I know there are more pressing matters on the national and international scene at the moment but the producers of Coronation Street deserve a rebuff. I had managed to implement my SEP (soap elimination programme) last Autumn but retained the Street in anticipation of the exposure of Evil Richard. (Apologies to those who thought I sat at home every night reading Chomsky.)

Christmas was infuriating. We had been assured that Christmas day would see Evil Richard attempt to kill Emily and instead kill Maxine. We kicked out our cocktail party guests and put the turkey on hold. What happened? Nothing. We complained bitterly to each other but perservered in the knowledge that a good murder followed by his exposure would come our way by January. My granny lay awake at night fearing for Audrey's safety.

Since then? One anti-climax after another. OK. So Maxine did get murdered but Ashley's grief has been maudlin and embarrassing. And still Evil Richard is at large and will remain so for several months to come judging by the lack of investigation and Emily's awful memory.

In the meantime we have been pawned off by the developing sexual relationship of Sarah and Todd. What a non-story. This is the 16 year old who had a baby at 13. How is this supposed to hold one's interest?

My patience is running out. Either signs of an expose develop quickly or I will have no excuses left and have to do yoga AND a meditation every night.

I suppose the producers think they are very clever, stringing out story lines so the ratings will keep up. Be warned though. While we viewers are expert time wasters, we are not complete fools and will abandon you.

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