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Thursday, February 27, 2003  

ER's fatal strategy

Memo to producers of ER: Why, oh why, did you make Carter the central character? What a disaster.

Filling the vacum left by the increasingly gorgeous George Clooney was always going to be difficult. Apart from his faint-inducing good looks he also supplied plenty of angst through his highly complex relationship with Carol. But there must be other fabulously good looking men in the world who can play out tortous internal and romantic conflicts on Sunday nights for softies like me.

John Carter (Noah Wyle) is not even qualified to apply for membership of the "ohmygodheissogorgeous" club. He's too young, too skinny. His hair is thin. His eyes are mean. He's rich! He loves his Granny! Ok, he got stabbed and became a drug addict, but his recovery did not endow him with a sense of authority - just doubt. His love for Abby lacks depth. He doesn't trust her. He just doesn't get that look in his eyes like his heart is breaking. This other demi-God can do it.

The decision to make Carter the lead character of the ER is all the more puzzling when the actually gorgeous and suitably tortured soul of Kovac is available. He's got the great hair, jawline, sexy accent, beautiful eyes and his wife and children were killed in a war! This is Hearthrob Creation 101 content.

I need to get a job in telly.

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