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Thursday, February 27, 2003  

Evil Richard Exposed

Well it happened at last, but what a disappointment. Gail finally begins to doubt her darling husband but it takes a suspiciously easily extracted confession to finally open her eyes. She challenges him, he confesses, resolution appears to be on the horizon...but then what? She goes into an utterly unconvincing state of shock which sees her attempt to argue that Evil Richards's confession was false. Rather than anger she descends into self-pity. The script is poor, the acting awful. Making her the central character was always going to be problematical given the level of her unattractiveness. Gail looks like someone took a chisel to her chin and a hedge clippers to her hair. Sarah's reaction is far more credible as is Audrey's. Steve and Karen relieve matters somewhat by taking delight in the search for bodies at the flat site.

Apparently Richard (who is currently on the run) shows up and we have to endure a kidnapping scene before he is safely put behind bars. I'll keep watching but begrudgingly so.

One longs for the days of the Racquel/Curly/Des triangle. That was acting.

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