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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Sex and the City

Sorry to dissapoint but yesterday's speculation on the character of the Irish will not be continued until Monday. Further reflection and research is required. Also, I watched Sex and the City last night and I'm not happy.

On a superficial level the absurdity of a clearly pregnant Sarah Jessica Parker playing an unpregnant Carrie Bradshaw is getting too much. Secondly the increasing hysteria of the main characters is undermining the fun. The whole point of the series is trying to pretend that when it comes to sex women are actually men. Just as wild, just as horny. But of course, the great irony is that the characters are actually desperate for a proper relationship. All the coarse language and casual sex thinly veils the oldest story in the world - girls are desperate to get married. Its just Ally McBeal with bad language.

They (the characters) keep falling in love. They keep getting hurt! They keep searching for some impossible ideal and dumping perfectly nice guys and hurting THEIR feelings. And boy are they starting to age. So its the worst kind of backlash TV. On one level it establishes a Holy Grail: The marriage of Carrie and Big. On another, it has a range of self-destruct buttons for the normal situations which will lead to a happy relationship. For example, men can't be trusted (e.g. Richard). If they can, they'll never forgive you (Aidan). If they can, they're crap in bed (Trey). If they're not, they're too poor (Steve).

The only redemption held out is that maybe, maybe, if she waits long enough, Big will finally cave in and propose to Carrie. And nothing else will ever make her happy. Primarily because she won't allow it to.

And as for the others? Charlotte's character was based around her dream of a fairytale ending. That's now developed into her determination to be more slutty. Samantha's character is her utter devotion to sex. What happens to her when she ages and men don't want her anymore? She retires with the vibrator?

Miranda was the true career woman so they picked her to get pregnant and look how miserable they've made her. Piles of weight, can't get the hair organised, no sleep and Carrie offered to help ONCE. And they try to tell us these women are great friends. Charlotte was the one who wanted the kid but they made her infertile just after she'd quit her job in order to devote herself to her potential motherhood. Why did she have to resign when she wasn't even pregnant? What was it? Working might harm your ability to get pregnant? Attempting to get pregnant renders you incapable of working? Will revisit that one later.

In the meantime, what is real? Women are sexy and vibrant. Most of them do want committed relationships that don't force them to sacrifice their personalities. But there is MORE. Having an entire TV series (AGAIN) that portrays them in this one-dimensional light is just depressing. Can't we have one TV series with women as the leading characters where the search for the perfect guy isn't the main storyline?

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