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Monday, February 10, 2003  

The Underheated Restaurant

I've had enough. For years now I've been sitting on uncomfortable chairs which make screeching noises on tiled floors watching the rain through the oversized street facing windows and SHIVERING! It seems like the more expensive the restaurant, the colder the designers make it. OK, so things weren't so flash in the 80's when it was all gicky carpets and dim lighting. But now its like the four restuarant designers in Dublin who get some work all went to London together for the weekend and have been ripping off St. Martin's Lane (badly) ever since.

They think all that minimalist stuff is so cool. Like painting the walls white, installing stainless steel everywhere and getting wooden chairs is supposed to be original. Well enough is enough. The complaining starts here. And I've already had some success.

My protest has started at the lower end of the market. My colleague Ifah and I were sitting in Eddie Rockets in Donnybrook. I expect cut-price crappy food but we were still shivering even though we had our winter coats and scarves on. A complaint to the manager solicited the following response " Well its alright for you, I have to work here". I called the head office and they assured me that vouchers were on the way. If they do send them on hopefully they will have the heating repaired so we can eat it in relative comfort.

Cold restaurants in Dublin include Eden, Bang, Tearoom at the Clarence, and Jacob's Ladder. (although at least you get a tablecloth there). Warm restaurants are Roly's, Il Primo (Annrai gets a mention in this review) and Il Posto.

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