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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

What Liberal Media?

Here's a piece my brother sent to me. An interview with journalist Eric Alterman whose book "What Liberal Media?" shows how the press are actually quite soft on Bush and the Republicans. Looks really interesting.

In a sort-of-similar vein, I noticed how journalists fell over themselves to praise the superficiality of FF's campaign in the last election. Ace reporter Charlie Bird has even made several public speeches about how slickly managed their PR campaign was. In other words, the journalists themselves are praising the spin doctors for spinning them so well!

Its clear that they see the investment in PR as a flattery to which they eagerly respond. These egocentric hacks, while acknowledging that a system has been constructed in order to manage them, are so overcome by the adulation that their warm giddy feelings are transparently included in the copy. There was one honourable exception to this and that was George Lee, who alone continued to question Charlie McCreevy about the dodgy figures.

The tide has turned a little in that Tony O'Reilly has not forgiven the government for letting the FAI sell the football coverage to Sky, thus screwing Chorus, his ailing cable company. During one week last summer the Independent group went on the attack and is only starting to let up now. With FG establishing new communications sytems it will be interesting to see how things develop over the course of this government. I'll be monitoring things closely.....

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