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Wednesday, March 05, 2003  

Americans go anti-French

The propaganda gets more surreal every day. This story is about a Nashville DJ encouraging listeners to vandalise Peugeot cards because of the French stance on the war in Iraq. I can say the war in Iraq because in case you weren't aware, it has already started. US and British planes are bombing targets in the no-fly zone and 4000 special troops are already inside the borders 'monitoring' the oil wells.

The anti-French slogans are typified by the ''If it wasn't for us, they [French anti-war protesters] would be holding their protests in German,''. Let's put a few things on the record:

1. The US did not enter WW2 until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. They had war declared on them - not visa versa.
2. In WW2, Germany invaded or occupied every country in mainland Europe bar Switzerland. That's a reason for war. Suspecting that someone might attack another country with weapons no one can prove they actually possess is not a reason for war.
3. Saving Private Ryan aside, I think the 20 million Russians who died preserving the eastern front while Eisenhower dithered should get some of the credit for the allied victory.

Still, the few people involved in these acts are so dim that one probably shouldn't take too much notice. One of them says ''Bush wouldn't be putting the lives of any Americans in danger if he didn't think he needed to.''

He needs to alright. His only way of keeping the Republicans in power is too keep the country on a war footing so voting Democrat is seen as unpatriotic. Its brilliant. Shame its also immoral.

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