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Tuesday, March 18, 2003  

Blaming the Frogs

Let's get one thing straight. Blair said two weeks ago if one country 'unreasonably' vetoed then he would go to war anyway. Last week he said if there was more than one veto he would go to war anyway once there was a majority on the Security Council. So why are they saying that the French threat of the veto prevented them from putting the resolution at all?

The fact is they couldn't even get a majority. Chile led the middle 6 in saying they wanted more time. Knowing they couldn't get more than their own 3 votes they just withdrew it. That's an idea for Bertie, isn't it? If you think you are going to lose a vote, just don't have it! No elections for years! And these are the people who say they will bring freedom and democracy to the Arab world. HOW can anyone of any intelligence swallow all this shite????

btw more on Coronation St later.

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