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Thursday, March 06, 2003  

World War 2

Paul Dunne contacted me to correct my statement that the Nazi's invaded every country in mainland Europe except Swizterland. He is of course correct and I was aware of the positions of Portugal, Spain, Sweden & Finland. I kinda discounted Sweden and Finland on the basis that they weren't on the "mainland" (a sneaky qualification on my part) but hey, Finland was an ally so its practically the same thing.

As for Portugal and Spain they got away with invasion by co-operating with Hitler. Switzerland's shameful record is also under increasing examination. Here's a detailed article about so-called neutral countries during WW2. They should have included Ireland on the list.

I was reading about Churchill last night. Just after he was appointed PM when the 'phoney' war was taking place, he had an opportunity at one point to back out and come to an accord with Nazi Germany which would allow them a free hand in Eastern Europe provided they left the British Empire intact. Churchill won over a fearful cabinet by persuading them that freedom from invasion by ignoring the Nazis was no freedom. He was of course correct. And had Salazar and Franco any moral scruples they would have joined him.

How does this relate to today's crisis? One connection is this. Bush/Blair keep arguing that the worst case scenario is a split Security Council and that the 'old European' axis should vote their way purely to avoid a split since this will irrevocably undermine the UN. Not using the 'freedom' to veto Bush/Blair to avoid their wrath (primarily financial) is no freedom. Fear of the cheque book being withdrawn is an immoral reason to abstain or support a war-mongering resolution. The whole concept of the pre-emptive strike is wrong and it is the moral duty, no matter how financially risky, to refuse to recognise this strategy as a legitimate one in world diplomacy.

Come on Frogs! Don't back down!

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