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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

The brother points out Moore's flaw

The brother, Kevin, has a letter in today's Times. Makes a good point.

Madam, - In his appropriately dated tribute to himself, Michael Moore (April 1st) carefully omits any mention of his own part in the election of George W. Bush. On the one hand, he notes the role of 3,000 apparently erroneous votes for Pat Buchanan in Florida in swinging that state for Bush, but is silent about the pivotal role of votes for Ralph Nader in that and other states in achieving the same outcome. And amongst the most prominent campaigners for Ralph Nader? Step forward, Michael Moore. Moore thinks that he followed "my conscience and my heart" with his Oscarspeech. But in November 2000, he followed nothing but his ego. He might want to consider a few more Masses. - Yours, etc., Kevin Carey

Explanation of mass reference here.

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