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Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

Fear and lack of control

Isn't it funny, that despite our technological, scientific, philosophical and medical advances, that as a people, we're still like a medieval mob running around in a panic because that comet must mean the end of the world?

Once we are not in control of a situation we turn into hysterical panickers. The SARS 'epidemic' is a classic case. A community festival in Dingle has dis-invited a harmless Chinese poetess from their upcoming event because of SARS. She's from Shanghai - no where near the SARS outbreak and as she's only one person could easily be screened. But the festival chairman...a DOCTOR...said he couldn't live with the pressure.

But its just one symptom. People who use mobile phones protesting about mobile phone transmitters. People who protest against dumps and then buy all their vegetables on plastic trays wrapped in more plastic. People who panic about disease but feed their kids junk or people who panic about crime but let their children sit in the car without a seat belt. If a person has a choice in a matter, they will take incredible risks very casually. But they'll like awake a night fretting about diseases that there is absolutely no proof they will ever get, be it from pylons or Chinese people.

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