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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Naomi Wolf and Ali G

Naomi Wolf is taking herself far too seriously these days and in so doing displays a certain lack of intelligence and an absence of a sense of humour. Ali G got her good in a spoof interview for his new TV show in the US. Her reaction was to go to the lawyers and demand that the programme not be aired. She won. Details here.

Ali G is funny on many levels but the two fundamentals of this whole act are:

- Mocking young white suburban males who have crassly adopted urban black culture
- Ferociously exposing the hypocrisy and patronising attitude of the politically correct establishment.

The whole point is that when Ali comes out with these clearly offensive remarks, none of the interviewees, including Wolf gets angry with him. Instead they very politely and delicately try to correct him because they think he's from the ghetto. If the same remarks were made by anyone vaguely middle class the interviewees would attack him immediately. The TV critics who slate the programme are even worse because they know what's happening. The interviewee has no clue what is happening at the time.

Personally I can't wait to see the new series.

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