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Thursday, April 24, 2003  

Why the Americans really are the bad guys

Some people like to sneer at crazy left wingers when the point out that America is nothing but an international bully with a bigger stick than anyone else. Their international credibility stems from their willingness to use brute force, even if illegal, to get their way. Queries as to the location of the WMD in Iraq which so far have failed to appear are deflected.

But here is the truth. America is the only country which has ever actually used a nuclear weapon. Hiroshima might have been excusable and I buy the line about it shortening WW2 but Nagasaki was totally unnecessary.

They've pulled out of the ABM Treaty and just in case you thought that was over a technicality, check out this story....they are re-starting their nuclear weapons programme after a break of 14 years. If they can do it, then what arguments are we supposed to using against North Korea, Pakistan and India?

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