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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

At the mercy of tolls

GUBU hates the NRA (that's the National Roads Authority). The reasons are many and complex but one issue deserving of more focus is that of tolling roads. The NRA states that when it builds roads "An alternative toll-free route must be available for road users. While the Authority proposes to develop toll charges that are at an affordable level in order to attract traffic on to the new toll roads, certain users may wish to forego the improved service and shorter journey time such roads will offer and remain on existing roads" (source)

But the Minister, Seamus Brennan, states today CONFIRMING WHAT I ALREADY SUSPECTED

"Under existing public-private-partnership tolling arrangements entered into by the National Roads Authority, it is the authority's policy, but not an actual requirement, that a toll-free route would be available close to the tolled road."

He wants to force trucks to use tolled roads. A letter to the IT is in order I think.

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