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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

New York Times Redeems Itself

Three excellent articles in the NYT today.

1. From the editorial commenting on the increasingly desperate attempts to find WMD in Iraq:

"Two of the suspicious trailers contained equipment that American military experts concluded was almost certainly intended to produce biological weapons. These included, in one trailer or the other, a fermenting machine, a dryer, a system to bring in fresh water and eliminate contaminated water, and equipment to contain the emission of gases that might give away the laboratory's purpose."

Sounds like a poteen still to me.

"American authorities have begun broadcasting offers of rewards [ BRIBES FOR LIES] in an effort to get lower-level Iraqis to lead them to illicit weapons, and military experts continue to pore over documents that may offer leads. All that is fine, but we still believe that the best way to spur this investigation and give its findings credibility is to invite the United Nations to send its inspection teams back in. They are ready to go if invited."

2. Good one on how lame and biased the main news organisations are, how they're tied into the government and how they do deals with Congress on regulation. All stuff Chomsky wrote ten years ago but finally its getting an airing.

and finally..

3. Good analysis on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

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