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Tuesday, November 25, 2003  

Back online

I don't deserve a blog really after all the neglect. But hey, having a baby will do that for you. Some immediate thoughts just to get me started and an indication of themes to be pursued:

- Working and blogging

Blogger have posted this story which was precient since whilst on maternity leave my employers, who encourage blogs, took exception to complaints about American foreign policy and counter terrorism actions and removed the link to my blog from our intranet. In revenge I have removed my link to their corporate website from my blog. I am sure their internet traffic will collapse ;-)

- Baby stuff

Sorry folks, but this has got to feature. Starting with the realisation that all those 'childbirth education' books and classes I took stopped right at the point where the baby was born. How do I know what's the right nappy to buy and how to put it on so its doesn't leak? By the way, it was a boy, arrived 16 days late but got him out myself. Postings related to this issue will attempt to keep a political feminist angle.

- Moriarty Tribunal

My time is nigh. It was nearly nigh on the 16th Oct but they got scared of my bump and put me off. Tune in here for an insight into Ireland's tribunals.

Now that I've started I should be more regular again. Now all I need is my moral outrage.

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