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Sunday, December 21, 2003  

Denis O'Brien and tax

Ok so I like Denis BUT how come everyone's picking on him? JP McManus, Magnier, Smurift....they're ALL non-residents and no one minded. Not only that but think of the thousands of people who avoid tax and stay in the country. All those holiday homes are bought by rich people who won't pay any tax because the cost of the home is written off. Vincent Browne points out in the SBP today that of the top 400 earners in Ireland, just over half paid 5% tax or lower, and most of the rest paid between 5 and 20%! I paid 42!! Its totally unfair and always has been. Let's get morally outraged about the whole thing and not just DOB. At least he created piles of jobs. What did JP McManus ever do except make pots out of the devalued Irish pound?

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