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Monday, December 15, 2003  

Ian Bailey defames himself

This is hilarious. Remember Sophie Toscan de Plantier. She was murdered in Cork years ago and the hubby is still complaining that the cops botched the investigation so no one was ever done for it. Locals in Cork and those all-knowing dogs in the street did apparently finger someone for it but there was never enough evidence.
Anyway, this Ian Bailey character is suing several newspapers for identifying him as the murderer.
Now, I'd never heard his name until the defamation trial began but wow! he's managing to make it totally obvious that he did murder her. His alibi is being supported by a partner who admits that he has beaten the shit out of her, his own diaries confess to violent episodes and dodgy sexual preferences. He even told one of the journalists that he killed her! Apparently that was a joke! I think this could be a case for the judgement of Albert Reynolds i.e. find for Mr Bailey but award him a cent in damages.
What an idiot.

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