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Sunday, December 21, 2003  

Paedophiles, Underage Sex and all that

Breda O'Brien in today's (20th Dec) IT had the very same thoughts I did during the week when she saw Benetton's windows. They have huge posters of a naked toddler girl. My immediate reaction was feeling very uncomfortable and thinking that it wasn't very wise when its clear that paedophilia is so widespread. But isn't that a shame that that's our first thought? The naked child is now seen as something sexual. Breda said that the innocence of parents as well as children has been stolen. A nice way to put it I thought.

But that also linked into the main weekend story in the IT, which analysed Ian Huntley's track record. He had about 11 complaints against him of sex with underage girls but nothing was done about it. Everyone is getting very confused about sexuality in children. I've always been appalled at the way some parents dress their children up like Spice Girls (the little boys are still dressed conservatively, but the girls are in leopard skin belly tops). One of the experts quoted says that's not really an issue because paedophiles find children sexually attractive no matter what they wear and anyway, older people always think the latest fashions are provocative..fair point but personally I disagree. Some of the clothes are outrageous.

But that's just the children. Young teenage girls are worse with immature bosoms falling out of cheap tops. They are deliberately being sexy but are totally unprepared to handle sexualisation....hello Date Rape. Of course the music industry actively encourages all of this. From the Spice Girls to Kylie to ohmygod Christina Aguilera..their market is 10-14 year old girls and they are teaching them how to be sexy! Sex sells..even to girls that young. OK, some of them are too young to realise what's happening. But then I've always felt sorry for girls...have you heard adults complimenting them? Its always, oh you're so pretty...your dress is lovely...are they new shoes? How're so clever, well behaved, great runner or whatever. So its not quite fair to lay all the blame on MTV when adults compliment you primarily on how you look and what you wear when you're 4!!

Bottom line on this babble...I'm tired of sex..its everywhere....telly, lingerie ads, music, clothes. Are we any freer, happier? What's life like as an unrepressed woman in 2003? Well for a lot (as the IT pointed out) its infertile, because chlamydia, the symptomless STD, is rampant. Which brings me onto the great irony of all this sex..we're still anti-children. How many 30-something women are still putting off having children because they're worried about their career? Girls, here's a can work when you're 50 but you can't have kids, so get reproducing!

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