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Tuesday, December 09, 2003  

Town centres my eye

Evil places like Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown shopping centre were built in order to provide new town centres. Developers bragged of employment and amenities - new high streets for these areas. But did you know that as they are privately owned they ban any kind of leafleting or political activity?
During the last abortion referendum I went out to Liffey Valley and stood in one of the rotundas, handing out leaflets. Not speaking or anything just holding the leaflets( pro-choice of course). I was kicked out so I stood in the car park - on a bitterly cold windy day and I was kicked out of there too! I checked it out afterwards and all the shopping centres were the same. No campaigning on anything!
So, not only do we get the recolonisation of Ireland by British stores, not only do we encourage our citizens to spend their leisure time in shopping centres instead of engaging in cultural or sporting pursuits - we make damn sure that the only campaign they will be exposed to is an advertising one.
Shouldn't the planners demand that shopping centres are as free as the village main street especially if there are being touted as benefitting the community?

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