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Thursday, January 08, 2004  

Constituency changes

Haha. From today's IT "Sinn Féin's Joe Reilly came sixth in the five-seat Meath constituency in 2002. Now Meath is divided into two three-seat constituencies, making it much harder for Sinn Féin. If that wasn't bad enough, Navan, where he is based and has been a councillor for a decade, is set to pass into the new Meath West, while North Meath, where there is a traditional Republican base, goes to Meath East. Suddenly one of Sinn Féin's best hopes for next time has a serious problem."

No mention of poor Jim Mitchell RIP. He lost his seat in the last election. In large part this was attributable to the redrawing of Dublin Central solely north of the Liffey thus losing him his Inchicore base.

Meath is interesting in that I thought it would be divided North and South rather than East and West. Helps John Farrelly and Anne Dillon-Gallagher for FG. Bad for me tho' as Damien is Mr South/West Meath. If I ever wanted to run of course. Late Late Show option still has to be ruled out.....

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