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Friday, January 02, 2004  

Ecowarrior Eejits

I used to dismiss all protestors with contempt but since my own experiences with the dreaded NRA I now select some protest campaigns for support. Not the ecowarriors at the Glen of the Downs tho'. Remember them? Held up the widening of a really dangerous stretch of road for years down in Wicklow? I always suspected they were fighting the wrong battle because I knew the road well and figured the trees which were being cut down were just the young ones on the edge of the road and not the great oak and beech trees some of which are hundreds of years old. I had my suspicions confirmed yesterday when in conversation with an informed individual at a social gathering yesterday. The trees which were cut down had been planted only during WW2 to provide extra camouflage in case of invasion which I thought was interesting, not just as it indicated the relative youth of the trees but also exposed some odd thinking during our "Emergency".

I support the Carrickmines people tho'. That road was only put there to suit the Jackson Way crowd. It will be VERY interesting to see how that one ends up.

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