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Monday, January 05, 2004  


FINALLY, got to see LOTR, Return of the King. (at Big Fella in Liffey Valley - best cinema in Ireland). So here's my views: overall - excellent. The battle for Gondor is outstanding. It was genuinely frightening and even tho' I knew the ending they managed to maintain great suspense. Even the way they 'realised' the city of Gondor was great. It actually looked way more impressive than I pictured. You truly got the flavour for the heroism and courage the men needed especially the Rohirrim. Their charge at Gondor was brilliant. Shelob's lair was also excellent and I loved how horrible all the Orcs were. They also managed to get across Frodo's burden and Gollum was as usual excellent. Pity he can't get an Oscar. (My friend Leo tells me they put in the scene with Smeagol as the original hobbit in an attempt to get him nominated - but its a bit dodge.) However, Two Towers is Gollum's better platform anyway. On the acting side, Ian McKellan is really the only one that gets to act properly. The rest are all too OTT. Aragorn is great at all the tortous struggling stuff - has a great pained expression but I was shocked to see how sappy he looked at the happy bits at the end. The Steward Of Gondor was great. Boromir's attempted martyrdom was a bit self piteous to be sympathetic. Eowyn was much better than Arwen. In fairness she gets to do stuff but I thought she managed it well. Not just killing the Nazgul chief but also the crush on Aragorn..and wasn't he mean to her?

Issues - I am afraid there were some. I understand that they had to leave things out but I was irritated by the things they added. Unfortunately my copy of LOTR has disappeared (am really annoyed) so I can't double check but I'm pretty sure the following did not appear.

- Aragorn snogging Arwen to the applause of the people. This was really cringeworthy. She arrives in a great procession at the end in the book - not being coy hidden behind a banner.
- Elrond showing up with the sword bleating on about Arwen dying. (Elrond is a sap anyway, he was badly miscast - it should have been someone more imposing).
- Gandalf's speech to Pippin about what heaven looks like?? What was that about?
- Aragorn's "now is our independence day" speech in front of the black gate. OTT I think.
- All those loving shots of Frodo and Sam heading up the mountain. Bit gay.
- Further loving shots of Frodo with other members of the fellowship on the bed. More gay. (And Legolas looks more girly than ever).

Best bit is that I've joined the 21st century (in 'late majority' style as always) and bought a DVD player (Eu70) so can get all those special editions and extra footage versions. Can't wait!

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