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Friday, January 23, 2004  

More Moriarty

Here's an example of some of the questioning I underwent.
Telenor claim that they knew absolutely nothing about political donations to FG and if they had known, they would have disapproved. Of course their motive is that they hate Denis because he managed to get 40% of the consortium even tho' he had no money and then sold Esat Telecom to BT for $100 a share instead of Telenor's offer of $70something. The only problem with their line is that a donation was made to FG from the joint venture account. The donation (of 4k; you could definitely buy a licence with that, couldn't you?) was made by way of a draft however, it appears as a donation to FG in the accounts of the company (which Telenor would have seen and signed off on ) and the signature of one of their executives Hans Mhyre was required on the cheque which purchased the draft. Hans has said he has no recollection whatsoever of signing such a cheque and as I was the person who requisitioned the cheque and purchased the draft I was examined by both Tribunal counsel and Telenor's counsel (Eoghan FitzSimmons, a former AG no less) on the subject of his signature. Their questioning was very forensic and made reference to the fact that they had compared my handwriting with the writing on the cheque. The implications were obvious. Either I had forged Hans' signature or I had filled out the cheque after he had signed it or I had lied to him about the purpose of the cheque. As this all took place nearly 9 years ago, I have no idea whether or not I sought his signature at all or whether the cheque was simply handed to me by the financial controller (who can't remember either).
Now of course none of this has anything to do with whether or not Michael Lowry was bribed by DOB to help get the licence, but my reputation still gets to be trashed in public!

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