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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Moriarty - or McCarthyism?

The evil day has passed. Went up; did my swear to tell the truth bit and went through my evidence. Will comment more on that tomorrow. BUT was slightly freaked out when the Chairman, in the process of reprimanding me for leaking information, made reference to my media activities AND my website! So are they reading my blog? Did they do a Google search? Did they read the reference to the 'expensive witch-hunt'? Will they make judgements against me e.g. deny me costs because of my public criticisms of their enquiry? Am I now supposed to engage in self-censorship in order to prevent incurring their wrath? Moriarty made it quite clear that the PDs were really pissed off that I had put it in the public domain that Denis was giving money to them at the same time that he was giving FG money. Does Michael McDowell now despise me and will he use his influence and power and demand that an example is made of me in the Tribunal? Perhaps calling him a fascist (pig) in this blog will be used against me legally. So Tribunal members or PDs, if you're reading this, make yourselves known! If you are noting my entries is it fair that they are taken into account when deciding whether or not I get costs? Just remember : I had no bloody stock options!

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