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Thursday, February 26, 2004  

FG entitlement to government

Paddy has been on to protest that FG have no entitlement to government. He is right of course. I've identified their chief problem. Complacency. 10 years ago if you were in opposition life was terrible. The pay was crap, there was no support staff, you were on no committees. FF have been quite clever and made life for the opposition quite tolerable. There are plenty of committees to consume one's time, the pay is pretty good now and there are plenty of staff. Being in opposition is not a bad career really. You can just tell when talking to them how relaxed they are. This is appalling of course. They should be angry. John Deasy is pretty good altho; far too right wing for me: but at least he gets pissed off every now and then and SAYS something. Olwyn Enright is an example of what's wrong. She looks great, is intelligent, articulate etc but I was on Q&A with her and I asked her afterwards why she didn't challenge Noel Ahern, Minister of State on one topic. He was terrible by the way, blathering on about something. She said "but he's so nice". Not good enough. She should have attacked him for being so uninformed. This happens all the time. People like him and Willie O'Dea are rolled out to sound nice and reasonable, and they are not being properly challenged. Where is the anger? Until they get some moral outrage under their belts, they will not succeed in engaging with the public. Must have a word with Enda.

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