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Saturday, March 06, 2004  

In praise of Miranda

We're on 'Splat' here in Ireland. That means there are 2 episodes left to Sex and the City. Regular readers will know that I seriously question the show's credibility in relation to its claimed feminist agenda but to be fair Miranda's character is holding firm in the face of the clownish developments in the others' lives. It is perfectly obvious that Alexander is a pretentious shit who consistently demands that Carrie is at his beck and call. Carrie is lapping it up even tho' she is so uneasy in his presence; even when he's being nice to her. It's very similar to the 'good behaviour' she always had to emulate when the self righteous Aidan was on the scene. Miranda called her on it last night. So fair dues. She proved herself a real friend.

Which does bring me to the show's only redeeming feature (in sociological terms; for entertainment purposes it is first class). The show is classic backlash stuff and getting more overt by the week: Candice Bergman's character was pitiful last night begging for and accepting any male company. Both she and the Bitsy character were totally over the top. Between Samantha's breast cancer, Charlotte's infertility and Miranda's obvious happiness in her imperfect husband and move to shockhorror Brooklyn, there is no doubting the core message: SETTLE, FOR ANYONE, QUICK!

However, the one female virtue which is definitely being displayed accurately is friendship. I don't mean all the vulgar talk, but rather the sympathy, confessions and the occasional conflicts. Miranda's reaction last night ("Alexander is pretentious; why would you leave your life and throw yourself on his mercy in a foreign country...) was very real. Other outstanding episodes were the abortion confessions; the time Charlotte gave Carrie the ring for her deposit having judged her previously on her spendthrift ways, Carrie's reaction when Samantha told her about the cancer and there was another episode when Miranda and Carrie had a row on the phone. In fact, when I look at the list, its the rows that have the most authenticity not the so-called fun. Because, we do row! And they are really painful. And we do judge each other and try not to. And eventually its all declared and there's a shouting match and a make up. I've never seen guys behave in friendships the way women do.

Anyway, I am just sooooo glad Big is coming back. The only one she could truly be herself with. All hail happy endings.

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