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Monday, March 01, 2004  


"The function of an hour drama is to reassure the American people that it's O.K. to go out and buy stuff. It's all about flattering the audience, making them feel as if all the authority figures have our best interests at heart. Doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists: sure, they have their little foibles, some of them are grouchy, but by God, they care. " From today's NYT by David Chase; creator, writer, producer and everything else of The Sopranos. The 5th season starts this week on HBO.

When The Sopranos first started I felt I couldn't make the commitment to watching it as I'd so much other stuff going on but my recent acquisition of a DVD player coupled with 7 nights of the week sitting in with the babog changed all that. I watched all 3 seasons in the past 4 weeks. That's 39 hours of Tony in one month. I've been dreaming about him. I've been trying to figure out the attraction. I think it's all that humanity. The domestic scenes, the therapy, the hassle his 'families' give him. Tony spends all his time making management decisions. It's just like real life! With just one scene of gratuitous violence per episode.

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