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Sunday, March 14, 2004  


WARNING - soppy and humour free post. My musical taste has never been what you might call 'happening'. It's not that I object to cool music - I just can't keep up. I rely on my hippier friends to introduce me to the best stuff but am usually lagging behind. When I finally catch on to something really good you can be sure it's on the way out. The careers of Fat Boy Slim and Moby were doomed when word got out I'd purchased their CDs. With this warning in mind, I can't let the week go by without noting the defection of Bryan McFadden from Westlife.

I've never been one to slag off Westlife, despite their obviously manufactured provenance, the fact that they're managed by greedy guts Louis Walsh and the preponderance of BIG ballads in their repertoire. In fact, I really admire their total professionalism. These guys work really really hard, they can sing and they are very articulate. Fatty McFadden (as he was known in school) always did seem the least interested and this week he announced his departure from the band and I believe him when he says he wants to spend more time with his family. The boys were off on a world tour and he just couldn't leave his lovely kids and the lovelier Kerry, formerly of Atomic Kitten and recent popular winner of I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here! She was fantastic on that show; got more beautiful every day while the other women fell to pieces, was funny, vulnerable and didn't take any shit from anyone. It's obvious that they are truly in love with each other and couldn't bear to be apart for the tour. So I say, Brian - you are a model for the post-modern man. Sarah wishes you well. Isn't it nice to have something nice in the world.......(ok, that's enough of the sop)

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