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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

Ahern at the Tribunal

So our esteemed Taoiseach makes his long awaited Tribunal appearance and within hours cracks on all the main issues:
- He may well have met Gilmartin
- He did take phone calls from Gilmartin

There was nothing wrong with either of these things so why deny it in the first place? Will there be a resignation? Of course not. In the meantime Gilmartin also says that he told Ahern in 1989 that Redmond and Lawlor were looking for money. Did Ahern do anything? Of course not. This is on top of the nice letter he'd had FF write Padraig Flynn in 1998 enquiring about the missing 50k. Flynn simply never replied. Did Ahern EVER ask him once on all the occasions when he personally met him since? God no.

In the meantime I can't help noticing that Mary O'Rourke's statement, and all last week's statements from Moriarty were all printed in detail in the press prior to the witnesses' appearance. Wholescale leaking. Is there a whisper? Will the Tribunal teams aggressively pursue the origin of these statements? Methinks not.

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