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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Dail debates

Great craic in the Dail yesterday. From today's IT:

Mr McDowell accused the Opposition of being "pathetic", "petulant", while the Labour party whip, Mr Emmet Stagg, claimed the Minister had a "unique record of being wrong on constitutional matters", to which Mr McDowell said Deputy Stagg "has a unique combination of nastiness and unruliness".

The Minister said the proposal had been criticised as racist, but it was "scaremongering" and "wide of the mark" to say that holding the referendum on the same day as the local and European elections would bring out racist elements in the electorate. Mr McDowell introduced the 27th Amendment to the Constitution Bill, insisting it was a "very simple" proposal.

When he said it was "important on occasion to remind Members who talk about citizenship that loyalty to this State, which has only one army, is a fundamental political duty of all citizens", Mr Higgins retorted: "Tell that to the tax exiles as well."

McDowell does have a terrible record on what's constitutional and what's not. Must compile a list.

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