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Friday, April 02, 2004  

A day in the life of the full time mother

So today was hubby's second day in new job. Here was my day.

7am wake, breast feed, change nappy, leave baby with Dad for 15 minutes whilst grabbing a few more minutes in bed, up, sterlise bottle/feeding stuff, boil kettle for bottle, eat cereal, make baby food/bottles for day, drink tea and make and eat sausage sandwich whilst chattting to and entertaining baby inc. moving around about 5 times, attempt to express milk (picture milking a cow), 15 mins and 1 useless ounce later give up and make extra formula, feed baby, put him down for nap, wash-up breakfast stuff, read paper, baby wakes, send emails whilst baby on lap and trying to tap computer, wash hair over the bath whilst singing to and chatting to baby, dry hair whilst singing to and chatting to baby, sort some admin papers out whilst singing to and chatting to baby, do 5 sun salutations whilst singing to and chatting to baby (very unyoga) iron clothes whilst singing to and chatting to baby, make sandwich and eat whilst singing to and chatting to baby, get going out stuff ready, friend calls to collect, struggle with car seats and buggies, go to baby gym and play for 1 hour, go to supermarket and get stuff for dinner, buy new shoes (!), home, talk to mother on phone whilst rocking baby in seat, get baby's dinner ready, feed, get bath ready, Dad home! be nice to Dad and enquire about toughdayattheofficedear, make adult dinner whilst Dad bathes baby, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, give baby breast feed and put to bed, Dad makes tea, chat for few minutes, watch Eastenders whilst attempting to zone out, impossible as Dad enquires about location of trivial possession and missed too many episodes so confused by storyline, encourage Dad to go to pub, collapse for 10 mins, inspired to log on blog, still to do: take baby-food out of freezer for tomorrow, wash bottles to sterilize in morning, could iron last few things to get rid of them, catch few minutes telly, go to bed early as will be up for 4am feed!!!!!!

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