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Friday, April 16, 2004  

E-voting fiasco

So Joe McCarthy, my favourite citizen, has made a breakthrough. After persistently seeking, under FOI, information about e-voting he discovers that there were discrepancies in the trial run in the last election. They showed that 1,294 votes had gone missing in the 2002 general election in Dublin North, while 716 too many had been counted in Dublin West. Local polling officers were blamed for 'administrative' errors i.e. they filled out the forms wrong and that its all due to human error. But here's the point: If the polling officers had made those mistakes under the manual system it would have been discovered as soon as the ballot boxes were opened. The mistake would have been investigated on the spot and a resolution or sign off done under the actual , live eyes of the public. Instead, one guy has to pursue an entire department and pay for the information under the now doubled fees for Freedom of Information. So much for transparency. That's why we always think those lying bastards are lying to us. They are!!!

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