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Friday, April 16, 2004  


Marion Finucane on Radio 1 did another one of those pieces on how dreadful it is that fathers are not being included in their children's lives. The sorry sight of the 'McDonald's fathers' who have no where else to bring their children was cited. It was claimed, for example, that even at primary school level, men are being 'phased out' of teaching in primary schools and this is dreadful. As usual the automatic presentation is of men being victims and someone else is doing the excluding. Isn't it true that in most cases, men have every option to include themselves. They could bring their fat kids to sports events instead of McDonalds and the reason they are not in primary schools is because they simply don't apply for the job! No one is 'phasing' them out of schools. In fact, the few that do apply go into management very quickly because they've no interest in hanging out with kids in the first place. It's just a career. Women can cope by themselves because they had to, not because they chose to. Who would choose to raise a family alone? (well, apart from the rich). Boys/men are in crisis, and don't have positive role models; but that's because they're poor, not fatherless.

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