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Wednesday, April 21, 2004  

Great reasons to vote FG (not)

A bad day. First, I turn on the news to see that FG have decided to support the government's citizenship referendum. How pathetic. There are some good arguments for sorting out our immigration problems but screwing with the constitution is not a solution. Then, I receive an email from one of our esteemed MEP's. I had written to him asking him to explain why he had voted for the new IP patent enforcement bill in the EU. Justin monitors the situation.

So here's the mail:
Dear Sarah,

Many thanks for your email. The vote on computer patentability took place on the 24th September 2003, this was the day that I announced by retirement from the European Parliament, so as you can imagine, it was an exceptionally busy day. Secondly, this was an area that I am not an expert on. In such a case, I ususally follow the EPP group voting line.

Best wishes,

John Cushnahan MEP

Here's my response:

Dear John

Thanks for your reply which I will forward to my contacts in the software community. I am sure they will be impressed at the considered approach to this issue by Fine Gael. Coupled with FG's decision to go along with Herr McDowell's referendum its great to have such compelling reasons to vote Fine Gael.

Sarah Carey

I shall have to take this further.

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