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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Iraq, US Elections and all that

Yet again, the left has been proved correct, as Iraq descends into a possible civil war. This will provide opportunities for Bush/Bliar to make heroic speeches about standing firm and accusing the left of being weakling pacifists. The simple fact is that the 'left' analysis of international affairs has been vindicated time and time again. Their position has nothing to do with a reluctance to get involved in combat or make hard decisions: it's about making intelligent decisions.
A correspondent has made a link between the left's amorality /moral relativism on individual matters and their apparent moral relativism in relation to international matters. He suspects that they are too idealistic and try to explain away everything bad in the world rather than making a stand. This may be true on personal issues but I think with regard to military interventions this is not fair. I could sum up the left's position as follows:

- The world view which sees the rise of Islam as a global threat is medieval and over simplistic. Fundamentalist Islam is a huge problem but its a problem for Islam as well as the West.
- The refusal of the US to enforce a settlement in Palestine which forces Israel to return to pre-67 borders is inflaming the whole situation
- You will not fight terrorism successful by breaking the law (Guantanamo etc)
- You will not fight terrorism successfully by bombing a country and killing innocent civilians
- Doing the above makes matters worse not better.

Surveillance, intelligence, good security, helping moderates, conflict resolution: these are the tactics that are useful.

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