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Tuesday, April 06, 2004  


It's contagious. Two letters in today's IT:

1. Full stops

...the importance of a full stop rather than a comma becomes all too apparent when signs on the London Underground, pictured in the "Weekend Review" (April 3rd), inform passengers that if they see a dubious package - "Don't touch, check with other passengers, inform station staff or call 999." All of a sudden, a sign intended to promote vigilance actually encourages negligence. Let us just hope that the commuters of London are as ignorant of punctuation as their Metropolitan Police. -

2. Meet with

Nowadays everyone meets with everyone whereas they used to just meet each other, except in America where the insertion of the superfluous preposition has been the norm for a long time. I wonder if any historian of the language can confirm that this change in common English usage has taken an exceptionally short time to become so widely, and unwittingly, accepted in these islands.

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