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Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

Public transport vs humanity

A quick post in praise of the human race. Without my car for various reasons I made an attempt to travel by DART (commuter trains). I presented myself at Blackrock station with the intention of going to Dun Laoighre. There are two rail tracks, north and south bound - the north one being on the 'road' side and the south one being on the 'sea side'. I bought my ticket and then observed the rather steep stairs and pedestrian bridge providing access to the south bound rail. I asked the ticket guy where the ramp or tunnel was (as I had the pram). He instructed me to get a north bound train to Sydney Parade (two stops up). Cross the rail on their ramp and then catch a south bound train to Dun Laoighre. Given that there is a usual 10 minute wait for trains this was a slight inconvenience. I stopped abusing public servants but did ask in disbelief if this was not illegal. "Ah well love, its been like that for a hundred years". Fortunately at this point an orange jacketed employee stepped forward and between the two of us we carried the pram up and down the steps. When the train arrived another gentlemen rushed forward to help me put it on the train and then a third helped me get it off. So while infrastructurally things were against me, people were nice. I think most people are.

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