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Monday, April 26, 2004  

Show off Ministers

So Ireland has the presidency of the European Union. Our main function in this capacity is to tolerate daily calvacades of important looking cars speeding around accompanied by motorcycled gardai in body hugging leather. Even if you can't see them you can hear the sirens screaming - just in case you forget. Our esteemed cabinet decided that nothing impresses consituents more than seeing their representatives whizzing by, in not one, but preferably 10, black mercs followed by hacks on junkets in white executive minivans. They came up with the stroke of conducting the meetings of the various European ministers in each of their home towns. Charlie McCreevy brought at all the Finance Ministers to Punchestown and Brian Cowen, Minister for Foreign Affairs, brought his counterparts to Tullamore.

To get to Tullamore from Dublin one passes through Enfield. Or rather, one by-passes Enfield; on the new €11m by-pass, built presumably with some finance from German taxpayers. Except, what's the point in being in a garda escorted high speed multi-vehicle cavalcade if no one sees you? So the LAST thing you'd want to do is take the by-pass. Noooooo. If you have stuff to show off you have to someone to show off to. So that's right. Don't take the by-pass. Drive straight into the village...halt all the locals going about their business...stop all the traffic....its Friday morning...pensioners are out getting their money at the Post Office. The country market is on..HUGE audience. Scare the life out of all them. Maximum exposure. OBVIOUSLY you're going to ignore the fancy new road. OBVIOUSLY you're going to tear through the town to SHOW-OFF. What's the point otherwise?

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