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Saturday, April 24, 2004  

Side effects of pregnancy

Despite all the ante-natal classes, web surfing and reading there are some well kept secrets about pregnancy. Like attempting your first bowel movement..but I won't go into that. Today's post declares that for the first time in about a year I wore a bra which a) fitted me b)was comfortable and c) made me look uplifted. At the risk of unnecessarily titillating (bad pun I know) my less sophisticated readers I think I should detail the serious changes a body goes through in order to produce another human being. The day I got married I wore a 30D size bra. During the pregnancy I had to keep upgrading until by the time I was due I was wearing a 36C. For the uninitiated in the bra sizing department, the number refers to the circumference of the rib cage just underneath one's boobs. That means my rib cage had expanded 6inches throughout the pregnancy. Once the baby is born and there's breasfeeding going on the size of the actual boob fluctuates wildly depending on time of day and general supply. At the start of the day a bra can be squeezing you and by the end of the day the material is puckered because they've shrunk. Anyway, I seem to have stabilised at 34D.

However, the side effects of this side effect are:

1. I had to go through my underwear drawer and fish out all the old 30D/32C perfectly good premium label bras and give them to the Vincent de Paul. About €800's worth of lingerie which will never fit me again. That hurt.
2. I've still got the medium priced plain ones in the 34C/36C category which I have to hang on to for possible future use but which annoy me every time I see them.
3. Despite the fact that I've had to buy about 10 bras in the last year I only have 2 (one black one white) which fit me at the moment.

The investment involved here is quite considerable and is absolutely necessary. Maybe there should be a bra-subsidy for child bearing women? It's like the VAT on tampons argument. If I'm minister I'd abolish that.

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