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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Tribunal costs

While the threat of paying my legal costs for the Tribunal still hangs over my head, I see that the costs which the government are all already paying for the Tribunal team included the following:

More than €11,000 has already been spent at Gruel, the trendy restaurant on Dame Street not far from Dublin Castle. This is for sandwiches, coffee, pizzas etc. If the barristers are being 2.5k a day why can't they buy their own lunch? Who else has a job where your salary is paid and the company buys all your lunch as well? My legal bill will probably be around this amount. Our single income household will suffer sorely if I've to fork this out, yet these guys won't pay for their own sandwiches.

A training session from Carr Communications for a member of staff. The training session cost €190 in August 2003. Who? Why?

A new coffee machine was bought in December 2002, for €729, and a "save a cup, Beca bin, for coffee cups", was purchased for €162 a month earlier. The latter item was delivered by King Ireland, who charged €342 for "catering supplies and one food item", that same month.

This is a weird one: The delivery and collection of the legal team from Dublin Airport led to a €127 bill from Michael Divine Chauffeur Services on September 3rd, 2002. A bill from the same service, apparently relating to September 5th, 2003, cost €420. Why are they being picked up from the airport? Why can't they get a taxi? Where were they?

RKD Floral Displays Ltd was paid €135 in January 2003 for the supply of "Christmas trees and festive trimmings". Six planter units six months later cost €112. A bill from the same company in January 2004, was for only €89, presumably on the basis that the festive trimmings from the previous year were used. How economical of them.

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