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Friday, May 07, 2004  

3 days

3 days since my last post and have been v. busy. Of course I can't let the collapse of electronic voting go without comment. €52million down the tubes as the commission endorses every single criticism which Joe McCarthy made. In any other country Cullen would have had to resign. It's interesting that FF never expected the commission to come back with such a damning report. They were so convinced of their rightness in the matter it never occured to them that the 'luddites and cranks' were actually right. I wonder what AOT makes of it all? (see Apr 6th post). Unfortunately I can't help but notice that FG didn't maximise the opportunity here. The weird thing is that Kenny is actually doing quite well in the Dail. For example he did force Ahern to correct the record over the issue of government contacts with the Real IRA post Omagh. (There were some when he had said there weren't). Despite Pat Rabbitte's skill at soundbites, he has never forced a retraction from Ahern. But we all know at this stage that Dail performance is actually irrelevant. It's what you say on the plinth outside Leinster House that counts.

Despite my despair I am supporting Mairead McGuinness's campaign for Europe. She's a marvellous candidate, until recently the Agricultural Editor of the Irish Independent and presenter of the agriculture TV series Ear to the Ground. Brilliant communicator so would definitely raise the tone. I'm raising money for her which is not easy these days as all those builders have given political donations a bad name. Also, the maximum amount anyone can donate is around €2,500. Lots of companies now have policies about not donating to politics. So what is the solution? It is important that political campaigns are well funded - think of it as a marketing exercise for democratic process. If there isn't a bit of hype around an election then the voter turnout will decrease even further. But state funding is problematical. For starters, what is a fair way of deciding how much each party gets? It would be totally unfair to give small parties the same as larger parties. Yet, if a funding system related to party size that would be a systematic way of ensuring no change. In addition, you could just imagine the headlines if the central exchequer had to fund election campaigns.

On the bra/no shopping front there have been developments. Had a row with a friend and sought refuge via some retail therapy in Brown Thomas. Couldn't resist a gorgeous pair of cream palazzo pants and then HAD to have the matching top and then saw a beautiful summer dress for my upcoming South of France sojourn. Have justified all purchases on 'investment' grounds. However, nipped down to lingerie to buy a matching bra for new dress. Fitting lady thought I was actually getting too small for a 34D and when I told her I was still doing a morning feed she advised no purchase until that feed is gone and that I could still head for 32C. Appalled, I told her about giving the 32C's to the Vincent de Paul. To her credit she didn't say it but her face said "Oh my God, those would have fitted you again." Dismayed, I left lingerie empty handed. How can a person's rib cage change so radically? To recap - that's from a 30 to 36 to 34 and now heading for 32. The only solution appears to be getting pregnant again because if I end up buying 32C's I'll puke. Of course, if I get pregnant I'll also puke - a lot. Sigh. Oh well, I bought prize bonds. And I've been doing the Lotto. There is hope.

More later.

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