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Monday, May 17, 2004  

Eurovision scandal

As Terry Wogan said..I feel one of my headaches coming on. Ruslana, with her skimpy leather costume, whips and over the knee boots romped home to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. To be fair, her performance was energetic and she is a pretty girl and the costumes were outstanding...but at my sister's Eurovision party on Saturday we were in moral outrage. Ireland's Chris Doran came second last with a perfectly respectable, if not exactly show stopping performance. Cyprus and Germany had songs you might actually go out and buy and they came 6th or 7th. The Eurovision was never exactly a showcase for musical talent, but at least you could be sure of sticking in a BIG ballad with a decent singer and we usually did quite well.
After RTE nearly broke themselves by winning it 3 times in the 90's, they entered a few mediocre songs in the hope of not winning; a tactic memorably dramatised by the famous Father Ted Eurovision of the funniest pieces of television ever. Enter Louis Walsh, boyband svengali, who declared that he was going to revamp the whole process. No longer picked by a jury, instead he started 'Eurostar': Ireland's answer to Pop Idol. Now pub singers from around the country would enter public auditions and be voted on by the public. The actual song is picked as follows: Louis asks Bryan McFadden from Westlife to pen a masterpiece (Westlife being widely regarded as masters in the field of original song writing) and gives it to the best singer for the final. 2 other songs are picked by the talented Walsh and his sidekicks Linda Martin and Phil Coulter.
For the last 3 years they've picked ballads and guys in white suits to sing them...but for all their shaking up they missed out one huge factor.
The Eurovision winner is no longer picked by international juries. It's picked by the public in national votes in each country. So all those Eastern European types, our new member states of the EU, with their musical tastes stuck around 1983, are picking the winner. And they like really really crappy music. And despite the fact that loads of them were at war 10 years ago, they all vote for each other.
Greece had the right idea. Dancing girls in gold bikinis and a Ricki Martin take-off.
Move with the times Louis!!

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