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Monday, May 24, 2004  


The drying cycle on my washer/dryer (NEVER buy one) failed. Clothes were coming out wetter than when they went in. Before sending for 'a man' to come and sort it out I flicked through the manual. There, tucked away on the back page, was a recommendation to clean the filter after every wash. I moved into my apartment last August and had never even looked at the filter. After a brief struggle with the cap (which would have deterred the less enthusiastic), I pulled out the filter. Amazing. Not only was there an inch thick of fibres and scum clinging to the cylindrical plastic device but also the mystery of the missing breast pad was solved. I always had six and one just disappeared. How the entire machine hadn't blown up is beyond me. It's 9.32 on a Monday morning and already I have a huge sense of achievement. Just think, I could be in an office.

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