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Monday, May 17, 2004  

More Eurovision

Louis really is a shit. On 'Liveline' today, as the public rang in to condemn his failed strategy, he accused one female caller of being a 'bored housewife'. She told him she was calling from work. No apology.

Word from the Gerry Ryan Show that they propose rather than a simple north/south divide, Ireland should divide itself into the 32 counties, have a war, recognise each other as independent states and then vote for each other in the Eurovision. That sounds like an effective plan. You should have seen the Serbia-Montenegro entry. The guy was wearing an Elvis c. late Las Vegas white suit. He had a pencil goatee and moustache. They came second. Turkey's act was a rip off of Madness c. 1984. They were in the Top 5.

And what's Israel doing in the Eurovision anyway?

I suspect were the Nice referenda being held across Europe now, there would be a huge No vote.

The Romanian girl wore a see through black basque and back combed bleached hair. Think Cher for the clothes and Bonny Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart for the hair.

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>> And what's Israel doing in the Eurovision anyway?

No more bizarre than their participation in European football championships. If memory serves me right, I think they won the Eurovision one year (band called Milk & Honey?). Clearly there would be er...problems in them competing in Middle East competitions.
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