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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

Project Summer

While it is overcast today I think it is fair to observe that summer has arrived in Ireland which means less clothes which means parts of the body which have been safely ensconced in layers now must be exposed. Oh that it were a simple matter of taking off runners and putting on sandals, or exchanging jeans for cut-offs, or packing away the sweaters in favour of tops; a LOT of ground work has to be put in first.

My body exposure project starts with having a bath each morning instead of shower. First item on the agenda is exfoliation. The importance of vigourously removing layers of skin cannot be overestimated. I use a pumice stone, a Body Shop version of a brillo pad and the St Tropez body polisher. Push back the cuticles on the toe nails. LOADS of moisturising. Tip for the feet. Put on the moisturiser, wrap your feet in cling film. Your feet heat up, the pores open and absorb all the cream. Silky smooth feet.

Must start on the sun bed this week. Slight ethical dilemma as I'd have to ask the receptionist to keep an eye on the child while I'm in the sun room. It's only 10 minutes but would this make me dead common? Probably. But think of the rewards. Even golden brown tan PRIOR to arriving on beaches of southern France.

Birthday yesterday. I am the Age of Christ. More maintenance required.

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