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Monday, May 10, 2004  

Jesus, blogger have changed everything. I hate change. I can now do all the things I wanted like add comments but suddenly I am afraid. Story of my life.

Anyway, Sky News just launched their Ireland evening news. Hilarious. They've totally gone for the sex factor. No disrespect to Grainne, Lisa and Eibhlinn, but they even put Lisa into high boots and a short skirt and then pulled the camera back so we could all get a look at her knees. I was in the other room putting away the ironing when hubby called me: huge grin on his face. He fancied Lisa anyway (she was voted Britain's sexiest weather girl EVER) but now she gets to talk about Ireland. Anne Doyle hasn't a hope. I'm not ageist, and it's not just the turkey neck, but the woman's eyesight is getting so bad she can barely read the autocue anymore.

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